Spring 2015 Special Election Candidates


The candidates running for Spring 2015 Special Elections are in! Get to know some of the candidates running through their candidate profiles below. Remember to vote for candidates running in your school or college this coming February 16 - 24 by looking for the voting tab on your MyUH home page.

Running for Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences (3 seats available)

Name: Yun Kim
College and Major: College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and Philosophy
Hobbies and interests: Avid coffee and tea drinker, loves reading, listening and playing music.

Nowadays, people seem to run for office for self-gain to improve their resume. As appealing as that may be for myself, I would like to run with the interests in growing with the school. I am towards the beginning of my journey towards higher education, but I would like to have the chance to improve the school that I plan to graduate from and improve myself at the same time. I plan to work towards a more satisfied student body by attending to the concerns and suggestions of the students I represent. Before attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I attended Kalani High School holding multiple leadership positions including, President of the Interact Club, Vice President of HOSA, and President of the Kalani Orchestra leadership. I also had the opportunity to intern with the office of Senator Brian Schatz which laid foundations into policy making.

Photo.jpgName: Todd Simeroth
Aloha! My name is Todd Simeroth and I am a Political Science Major running for the position of Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences. I am a transfer student with Junior standing from University of California, Santa Barbara, and I would be privileged to contribute my experience to our student government here at UH Manoa. At UCSB I served a term on the Residence Hall Board of Judicial Review and created positive opportunities for students to manage inter-student conflict resolution and encouraged community growth. It would be an amazing opportunity to work with our advisors and administrators at UHM to provide our student voice in the effort of creating the best experience possible for our student body. In my spare time, I listen to most genres of music (ABC) and love exploring different kinds of headphones’ sonic reproductions, and I enjoy watching and playing basketball and boxing.




Profile_Me.jpgName: Warren H. Stevens IV 
College of Art & Science Economics Major (Already have Psychology Degree)
Interests: EDM, Acting, Writing, Sports, Antiquing, Travel, Exercise, Adventure, Helping People, Fantasy Football

 I am running for senate to be a voice for the students in my college, to learn about the issues of students on this campus and to be able to do something about them. What I would like to accomplish this year is to be able to help students with their concerns and questions. I have previously served as a Senator for the College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences at the University of Wisconsin Stout.  I wrote legislation for the creation of a Specialty Senator to represent Veteran (or current military) students.  I served on a variety of committees, Diversity Committee, Chancellors Drug & Alcohol Coalition, Student Leader Development Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and Financial Affairs Committee. 


candidacy.pngName: Suhan Yi
Hello there! My name is Suhan Yi, your humble candidate for Senator for Colleges of Arts & Sciences! Just like you guys, I’m a regular student;  I like hanging out with others, going to church, and wasting hours on League of Legends! Currently, I am Sophomore majoring in Political Science and I am under the same boat as you guys. If you guys are being screwed, then so am I! We have problems of not having enough classes that affects our graduation rate and a frustrating issue of our beloved university being underwhelming in both ranking and reputation despite the fact that we have a unique position of being an international melting pot stationed in the heart of the Pacific! If elected, I will see to it that YOUR voice is represented! YOUR issues to be spoken of! All this so YOUR university can reach its full potential and become YOUR university to be proud of! But I cannot do this alone, let me have the honor of being YOUR candidate by voting for me for ASUH Senator for College of Arts & Sciences!


Senator for the Hawai'inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge (1 seat available)

Name: Ryan Espili

No candidate profile available.