Senate Act Funding

Following the proposal of a Senate Act, legislative measures can be taken to approve funding for a University program or organization. Documents for the fiscal funding procedures regarding senate acts can be found on this page. To make a proposal for a senate act, you can contact one of the senators or executive members for endorsement through our contact form. A list of senators can be found here. A reference of Senate Acts that have been passed for the current 103rd Senate can be found here. 

To fulfill your funding, the following documents must be submitted to the ASUH Office for the organization or each individual being reimbursed by May 3, 2016 (4PM):

1. Reimbursement Request Form - a form requesting reimbursement for money that was spent on goods related to the Senate Act. Please note that the signature line must be signed by a representative who has the power to authorize the reimbursement on behalf of the person being reimbursed. You CAN NOT endorse yourself as the payee.

2. WH-1 tax form or W-9 tax form - the WH-1 is to be filled out by individuals who are seeking reimbursement. Please note that we do not allow dorm addresses. The W-9 is to be filled out if it is an organization seeking reimbursement.

3. Receipt Log and Cover Sheets for Receipts - Please list any and all relevant costs incurred for your reimbursement on the receipt log and support it by attaching receipts to the cover sheets.

4. Clarify Line Items (if necessary) - if the receipt lists items that may not be easily deciphered, fill out this form to clarify what was purchased.

5. A flyer of your event or message that was used to promote the time and location the event was held

6. Post Activity Report 

If your organization has been approved for direct payment, please follow-up with the appropriate office staff member to ensure all necessary documents are turned in a timely matter for the creation of a purchase order. 

To initiate direct payment, a quote or order from a vendor must be submitted along with a W-9 (if purchasing from a business or organization) or WH-1 form (if purchasing services from an individual).