The Senate

     ASUH is comprised of many senators elected to represent the different schools and colleges found at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. The larger the school or college, the more senators are elected to represent their college. Throughout the year special elections are held to fill up vacant senator slots as well as our general elections for primary senator seats. To find out more on elections and how you can join ASUH as a senator or executive member, visit our elections page.

     Below, you can see the list of senators currently serving for the 102nd Senate for the year of 2014-2015. Please contact the ASUH office or leave us a message in our feedback box if you'd like to contact any of your representatives.


Executive Members
President Stephen Nishihara
Vice President Kelly Zakimi
Treasurer Grant Takara
Secretary Cassandra Belisario

Senators at Large: 
Krista Ann Lee
Kevin Omokawa
Scott Nishihara
Kendyl Oshiro

Senators of the College of Arts and Sciences (18)
Gabriel Candelario
Vicki Bui Pham
Sierra Callihan
Kelsey Coria
Rio Kwon
Jerrin Lawi-An
Ryan Mandado
Sean Mitsui
Kyle Samiano
Heather Schulz
Krystal Shon
Max Uyeda
William Wainwright
Lauren Tagaban
Eric Baxa

Senator of the School of Travel Industry Management (1)
Chelsey-Mei Borge

Senator of the School of Architecture (1)
Jannah Lyn Dela Cruz

Senator of the Hawai'inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge (1)

Senator of the School of Pacific and Asian Studies (1)
Zhuolin "Brian" Zhang

Senators of the College of Education (2)
Michael Samiano

Senator of the College of Engineering (1)
Froilan Garma

Senator of the College of Health Science and Social Welfare (1)
Amanda Kamakea

Senators of the Shidler College of Business (2)
Ashley Kawagishi
Martin Nguyen

Senator of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (1)
 Roxie-Anne Kamoshida

Senator of SOEST (1)