Research Proposal Rubric



  4 3 2 1
Proposed Objectives Objectives are well articulated and are clearly related to the field of study. Objectives are clearly and adequately defined and are sufficiently relevant to the field of study. Objectives are unclearly defined and are marginally significant to the relevant field of study. Objectives are poorly defined and have no significance to a relevant field of study.
Project Methods & Overall Design Project design is lucid, logical, and well written; Methods is clearly outlined and sufficient to meet the proposed objectives. Design is coherent but slightly disorganized; Methods is outlined and adequate to address the proposed objectives. Design is disordered and vague, methods are stated but don’t seem to meet the objectives. Design is poorly written and incoherent; methods are inadequate to meet the proposed objectives.
Budget Budget is itemized and clearly laid out; proposed expenses are realistic and justified. Budget is clear and itemized; however, the proposed expenses are unrealistic. Budget is not well itemized and details unclear in terms of what funding will be used for. The budget is vague and unorganized and doesn’t justify the projected expenses.
Timetable Timetable is clear, detailed, and properly outlined; project is feasibly completable within the allotted time. Timetable is clear and well outlined; however, it may be missing some key components or slightly unrealistic. Timetable is unclear and not well organized; proposed progression and time table of project is unrealistic; details are vague. The timetable fails to properly outline a progression of the project, providing only minimal to no details.

Note: All scores will be divided by 4 to create a score on a 4.0 scale, and then combined with GPA and Letter of Recommendation values. All components must be included for consideration.