Proposal Guidelines

Detailed proposals must be uploaded with the application in .docx format. The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAA) regards the strength of your proposal as one of the key components of a successful application. Proposals:
  • Must be saved as single .docx file.
  • Must be no longer than two pages, single-spaced, 12-point font Times New Roman.
  • Must be reviewed and approved by your recommender.
  • Should utilize the ASUH Research Rubric as a resource to understand how proposals will be judged.



  • In this section, research should highlight the issue that your proposal aims to address. In other words, explain what you plan to do. Abstract should be no more than 100 words.
Objective and methods
  • Objectives should be clear and relevant to field, and include the methods by which you intend to meet your objectives. This gives you the opportunity to explain why your project is important, and how and where you plan to explore your proposal. Site specific studies that request travel funds must include justification of needs.
Task Timeline
  • A detailed timeline including tasks to be accomplished should be included. Explain when you plan to reach each of your objectives and complete your project. 
Biographical Sketch
  • A brief section of your academic background and accomplishments, the experiences and interests you have and why the proposed project is important to you. Explain how the proposed research relates to your academic or professional goals. This gives you the opportunity to tell the UAA Committee who you are and all considerations that should be taken into account.

Budget and Justifications

Include an itemized budge as a supplement that justifies your projected expenses. This should be presented in an easy-to-understand format. You are asking for funding, so make it comprehensive, concise, and organized. The budget must be a table with the following columns. 

  • Item number - for organization/understanding, group your items by categories. i.e. travel, supplies, etc. 
  • Item description - i.e. chemicals, supplies, materials, postage, software, etc. 
  • Unit Price
  • Quantity
  • Item Cost
  • Justifications - be as specific as possible, as times may be selectively awarded. 

Reference Section

List books, articles, or other sources relevant to the background and significance of the project. Please cite sources central to the project showing completion of critical background research. Works/references cited are not included in the two-page limit for proposals.

UAA will evaluate budgets and may award lesser amounts than budgeted. UAA cannot fund times that have not been approved in the original budget.