Graduate Test Preparation Essay Rubric



  4 3 2 1
Essay Prompt Prompt is clear in the essay. Prompt is somewhat clear in the essay Prompt needs to be elaborated. Prompt was not included, and essay is irrelevant
Ideas Informative with clear focus and supporting details. Informative with clear focus with some supporting details. Focus needs to be expanded and supporting details are needed. Topic needs to be developed.
Organization Very well organized; easy to read. Has a beginning, middle, and end. Little organization, needs transitions. Organization is needed.
Voice Voice is confident throughout. Voice is confident moderately. Voice is somewhat confident. Little to no voice; needs confidence.
Sentence Fluency Sentence flow throughout essay. Sentences mostly flow. Sentences needs to flow. Sentences are difficult to read and do not flow.
Word Choice Nouns and verbs make essay informative. Decent use of nouns and verbs. Needs specific nouns and verbs; too general. Little to no use of specific nouns and verbs.
Conventions Zero grammatical errors. Few grammatical errors. Several grammatical errors. Many errors which make it hard to read and understand.

Note: All score will be divided by 4 to create a score on a 4.0 scale, and then combined with GPA, Budget and Letter of Recommendation values. All components must be included for consideration.