Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the Finance Committee Meeting page. My name is Kevin Omokawa and I am the Vice-Chairperson for the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee looks over a variety of things, from RIO funding to allocating monies to those who need it. I will be keeping the public informed of the Finance Committee's meetings and what we have been discussing by uploading minutes below. 

1. FCMM#1 (Approved 7-10-14)

2. FCMM#2 (Approved 8-4-14)

3. FCMM#3 (Approved 9-4-14)

4. FCMM#4 (Approved 9-18-14)

5. FCMM#5 (Approved 10-1-14)

6. FCMM#6 (Approved 10-1-14)

7. FCMM#7 (Approved 11-3-14)

8. FCMM#8 (Approved 12-3-14)

9. FCMM#9 (Approved 1-26-15)

10. FCMM#10 (Approved 2-6-15)