Candidate Profiles

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College and Major: College of Arts and Sciences – Political Science

Position running for: Senator at Large and Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences

Class standing: Senior  

Hobbies and interests: Surfing, paint ball, and motorcycles.

150 word about me:

 Pro-active, experienced, effective.

 I am a transfer student from Kapiʻolani Community College (KCC). For two years, I served as the Chair of the Associated Students of KCC-Student Congress (ASKCC-SC). Representing approximately 8,000 full/part-time students. As Chair of ASKCC-SC, I worked to re-build an effective student government with the goal of amplifying and empowering the student voice of KCC; by collaborating with faculty, staff, and administration (at all levels) to address students’ needs and concerns.

Spring 2017 I served as a Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences in ASUH and worked collaborative with not only ASUH representative but administrators; on student veteran issues and concerns.

 With your vote of confidence, I wish to use this wealth of experience and knowledge to continue working pro-actively and collaboratively to meet and address the needs of the students here at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa as a Senator-at-Large.




College and Major: Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Molecular Cell Biology & Studio Art

Positions running for: Senator for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Senator-at-Large

Class Standing: Junior

Hobbies & Interests: Drawing, Painting, Reading, Pottery, Shopping

Why I am running for office? What do I want to accomplish while in office? Any prior experience?
Having previously served as a Senator-at-Large for the 104th Senate and a Senator for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences for the 103rd Senate, I am running for office to expand and enhance the ASUH. I want to expand the ASUH’s constituency outreach and advocacy. I hope continue to support and advocate for students’ rights, improve funding for students such as scholarships and RIO funding, and promote efficient communication between members of the Senate and the student body.


starshine_chun.jpgSTARSHINE CHUN 

Aloha! My name is Starshine Chun and I am currently a freshman majoring in political science and philosophy. I am running for senator for the college of arts and sciences. I enjoy volunteering and mentoring young kids in elementary school and enjoy surfing with my friends as well during my free time. I am running for senator for the college of arts and sciences because as a current senator for my college, I am in the process of learning each aspect of ASUH thoroughly and able to see what needs to be changed not only within my college but as a whole school as well. I strongly believe that having a second term as senator, I will be able to face issues within the school head-on and pass resolutions for my constituents. 




In 2014-2015, I served as Senator of the School of Architecture. 2015-2016, I served as Senator-At-Large and Chairperson of Undergraduate Academic Affairs. This year, I am currently your Vice President. Throughout, I have introduced Senate Acts and Resolutions that funded academic events and supports the needs and interests of students.

Through teamwork, I will work hard to improve ASUH’s strategy in advocating for students to the UH Administration in order to inform undergraduates about all issues. I will work to ensure that undergraduates have a say in all capacities relating to our lives as students, so I plan to initiate a Student Consultation Policy. I will work with the senate on a campaign to stop all tuition increases. To collaborate and engage students to address concerns that they have is my priority. It's time for ASUH to mobilize and organize to significantly impact decisions that are made before us!



Finau_Tkani_Candidate2017.JPGTKANI FINAU

College and major: School of Architecture, majoring in Environmental Design

Position running for: President, Senator for the School of Architecture

Class Standing: Sophomore

Hobbies and Interests: Helping people is something I’ve always found joy in doing. BIG fan of pointillism art!

Please address the following questions (Why I am running for office?  What do I want to accomplish while in office?  Any prior experience? etc.):

As a school, we haven’t met our true potential in the areas of student inclusivity, dorm renovation, student veteran outreach, and more. If elected as president, my goal is to focus on these issues and make students feel more comfortable at this amazing university. In the past year, I was elected Senator for the School of Architecture, as well as Chair for Campus Life. I have what it takes to lead a senate, as I’ve done it before as student body president – to reach out to those who feel they have no voice, and make them heard – to make a difference for the better....

All I need now, is your trust and vote to get the job done.


maggie_hinshaw.pngMAGGIE HINSHAW

Shidler College of Business: Marketing Major

I enjoy keeping both my body and mind active.  Some of my hobbies include doing outdoor activities like hiking.

I am running for office so that I may grow professionally and personally.   My goal is to continue to encourage policies that would promote fiscal sustainability at UH Manoa.  I aim to promote a policy on transparency to allow students better access to knowledge that can enrich their lives and enhance their student experience at UH Manoa. 

As a Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences of the 103rd Senate and as Treasurer of the 104th Senate I introduced legislation in an effort to lower and maintain the cost of education at UH Manoa.  


danson_honda.jpgDANSON HONDA

College and Major: Shidler College of Business, Business Management

 Position running for: Senator-at-Large, Senator of the Shidler College of Business

 Class standing: Sophomore

 Hobbies and Interests: Although I am a vegetarian, I have a big appetite and enjoy eating. I also exercise a lot (so I can eat more food)!




College of Engineering - Electrical Engineering

Junior standing

Interests: Robotics, STEM in elementary education, rap music

 I am running for Senator of the College of Engineering to help further integrate our college into the rest of the student body, as I know that we can do more if we work together with other colleges and schools at UH Manoa. Each school in the ASUH has something new to offer and I'd like to see more long-term, collaborative projects between our different schools. 

 During my time holding positions such as Secretary and Vice President of Membership of the Society of Women Engineers, I've learned to create thorough, detailed plans and budgets for different types of events (networking, professional development, outreach) that call for their own unique requirements. I hope to use these skills to serve you!






College & Major: College of Engineering, Civil Engineering

Position running for: Senator of the College of Engineering

Class Standing: Sophomore

Hobbies and Interests: Fish keeping, hiking, gardening.

Why I am running and what do I hope to accomplish?

I am running for the position of Senator of the College of Engineering because I was shocked to learn that undergraduate students could be so involved in the decision making process of UH. This made me want to get involved during my time here to help my fellow students have a say in what happens. While I do not possess any prior experience in this kind of position I would like to be given a chance so that I can help represent the College of Engineering during the decision making process that could affect us all.




College & Major: B.S. Computer Science, College of Natural Sciences (Arts & Sciences)

Positions: Senator-At-Large, Senator of the Colleges of Arts & Sciences

Class Standing: Senior

Hobbies and Interests: Singing, going on long drives, awkward humor

Why am I running? What do I want to accomplish?

If re-elected, I hope to continue advocating for student interests and increasing awareness of services available on campus.

Prior experience?

This academic year is my second term in office as a Senator for the Colleges of Arts & Sciences as well as my first full year as the Chairperson of the Committee on Internal Affairs. In addition, I have served as an undergraduate delegate to the Institutional Learning Objectives Implementation Committee, Campus Center Board Membership Committee, and the Academic Grievance Committee and am currently sitting on the Mānoa Faculty Senate General Education Committee.




Aloha! My name is Micah Leval and I am running for a Senator at Large position in the ASUH. I am majoring in Political Science, and I am currently in my second semester at UH Manoa. When I’m not politicking, I love to play the alto saxophone and Clash Royale!!!  

Over the past year as an ASUH Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, I have been able to grow professionally while promoting the wellbeing of our student body. Specifically, I have sponsored and co-sponsored several pieces of legislation promoting a safe campus, strengthening Native Hawaiian enfranchisement, and funding UH Manoa’s most valuable services.

Next year, as a Senator at Large, I am confident that I can do even more to support our student organizations, promote a safe and inclusive campus, and help make ASUH the best it can be!


brittany_lieu.jpgBRITTANY LIEU

Shidler College of Business

 Senator of Shidler College of Business


 Hi everyone!  Having both experienced and contributed to the UH student life and culture as a student club member and leader within the last two years, I have grown fond of the relationships and bonds I’ve created with the students here.  With a background in student leadership as Student Body President at La Pietra and Director of Finance of the Business Executive Society of Tomorrow (BEST), I have grown passionate about leading and learning. Therefore, as a ASUH senator, I aspire to extend my leadership experiences for the benefit of both Shidler students and the student population at large. 


_Clinton_Ng.jpgCLINTON NG

College & Major: College of Engineering and Electrical Engineering

Position running for: College of Engineering Senator

Class Standing: Freshmen

Hobbies and Interests: Playing the piano, robotics, exploring new hiking spots, and going to the beach with friends.

I’m running for office because I want to provide more opportunities for Manoa students. I feel that a lot of students are not given the chance to express their interests. I would like to change that and engineer a better future for Manoa.  My prior experience includes being part of student government and holding an officer position in robotics when I was in high school. Therefore, I know the importance in communication, leadership, and teamwork.  


annie_ngyuen_.pngANNIE NGUYEN

College & Major: Shidler College of Business – Marketing, International Business & French

Running For: Senator of the Shidler College of Business

Class Standing: Sophomore

Hi, friends! I’m Annie Nguyen from Pearl City, HI.  I’m a sophomore DAP student and Regent Scholar studying Marketing, International Business, and French.  I am a member of the Business Executive Society of Tomorrow (BEST), Relay for Life, and Phi Delta Pi.  Currently serving as BEST’s Director of Human Resources, I’ve been able to meet many fantastic new friends from all over Shidler through planning joint-club socials!  I hope to be ASUH Senator for Shidler College in order to continue to foster a strong inter-club community, to connect the business school to the rest of the university, and to make sure every voice is heard!  I enjoy nights out with my friends, always involving way too much food, Via Gelato, and bad puns!


scott_nishihara.jpgSCOTT NISHIHARA

College: College of Engineering

Major: Electrical Engineering

Position running for: Senator of the College of Engineering

Class Standing: Senior

Hobbies and Interests: Playing ping pong and tennis

I am running for office again because I enjoy advocating for the students of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  During my time in the senate, I have experienced the potential that ASUH has in making UHM a better campus for everyone. I had the privilege of serving as a Senator-at-Large and Secretary over the past few years, and during that time, I strived to refine how the senate functions internally so it could best serve the University.  I also have participated in several College of Engineering clubs, and have a great passion in serving the College of Engineering students.  If elected, I will do my best to advocate on behalf of the College of Engineering undergraduates on matters that will affect the students, such as tuition, fees, maintenance, etc. 




Senator of CTAHR and Senator-At-Large
I love to dance! I have been dancing hiphop, ballet, and contemporary for 19 years.
I am running for office because I feel it is the best way to show my pride for the University of Hawai'i by becoming more involved with the student activities and programs that our school has to offer. While in office, what I would most like to accomplish is being able to contribute to an overall improvement of the experience that the students have here at UH in any way that is possible. This current Spring 2017 semester I am interning under Representative McKelvey at the State Capitol. I believe that this internship has not only given me a better understanding of politics, but also beneficial experience on how to best assist and interact with the people that one represents. 


peiqui_ruan.jpegPEIQI "Kelly" RUAN 

Name: Peiqi Ruan
College/ major: college of arts and sciences/biology
Class standing: junior
I am running for office because I want to be more active as a link between students and the school. I want every concern to be voiced and addressed thoroughly, with all aspects addressed.

What I want to get accomplished is to make sure that more things are brought up to better the environment for the students at UH manoa.

I've had prior experience in high school with student government for 4 years, secretary for one year.

Peiqi "Kelly" Ruan


chase_urusaki.jpgCHASE URUSAKI 

My name is Chase Urasaki and I am running for both Vice-President and Senator Colleges of Arts and Sciences. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a double major in Astrophysics and Mathematics and on my free time, I enjoy studying, playing tennis, and photography. Throughout high school, I was extremely active in student government and had found that leading was something that I was passionate about. This past year, I served as a senator for the Colleges of Arts and Sciences as well as a Senator at Large. I also had the privilege to serve as a Vice-Chair for the Undergraduate Academic Affairs committee and am currently the Chairperson for that committee. One of the goals that I have for office is to increase the participation of University of Hawai’i at Manoa students in terms of testifying on legislation that directly affects the university.