Candidate Profiles




Hello UH! My name is Nathan Tran and I am running for the Senator of the Shidler College of Business. I am currently a freshman DAP student attending Shidler, pursuing a major in accounting in the hopes of obtaining my CPA to fulfill my dream of becoming a Special Agent in the FBI. Some of my hobbies include keeping up with geopolitical issues, enjoying music and cinema, practicing and perfecting the art of DJing, modifying cars, and working my job as a mobile police car installer. I am running for office to help Shidler improve and tend to its needs with my openness to new ideas and to the people around me. Although I am a freshman, I hope to be seen as an investment and opportunity to induct someone who will not only be able to make great change, but be able to do it for years to come. 


Michelle_Park.jpgMICHELLE PARK

Name: Michelle Park

College & Major: College of Arts and Sciences, Political Science Major

Interests: Music, Travel, DIY Cards, Reading

I am running for the position of Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences because you deserve to be heard and I want to contribute in making sure that everyone’s voice is heard at this school. From the small pet peeves to large concerns regarding our school, I want to help ensure that your opinions are not left unnoticed. It would be an honor to serve the student body in creating a more fulfilling and invigorating school experience. Although I am at the beginning of my career in higher education, I have experience in serving students in a leadership position. While attending Moanalua High School, I served as the Vice President of Communications and Treasurer of Mock Trial, Vice President of Service of DECA, and school delegate for Central District Student Conference. 


Screen_Shot_2016-09-30_at_1.35.36_PM.pngJACLYN SAKAMOTO 

Name: Jaclyn Sakamoto

College & Major: College of the Arts and Sciences; Communications, Political Science

Position running for: Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences

Class Standing: Sophomore

Hobbies & Interests: I have a passion for pizza and anything Disney. I love helping local children as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters Hawaii.

Why am I running for office? I want to be a part of the bridge that links the College of Arts and Sciences with ASUH. What do I want to accomplish while in office? Work towards increasing student involvement so that students may enhance their UH Manoa experience. Any prior experience? Currently, I have experience with teamwork as a member of my Church’s Youth Ministry Core Team. Being a part of this team means working with others, compromising, and planning relevant and enriching events for our high school youth. I have experience with working for the people with my Church’s Stewardship Committee. As a committee we look at the needs of our parishioners and work tirelessly to implement various programs and ministries to fulfill them. 


nopicture.pngRICHARD HO

Hi, My name is Richard Ho! I am a freshman studying biology and running for senator of the Colleges of Arts and Science. My interests include human beings, animals, and entrepreneurship. In addition, I enjoy outdoor land and sea exploration. I love trying out different things. Regardless of the activity, if it’s not life threatening, I will give it a shot.

I plan to run for office because I wish to expand my abilities and challenge myself in hopes of gaining personal growth. Ever since stepping onto the UH Manoa campus, I’ve realized a lot of resources are available and accessible, yet the majority of people are unaware of it. They seem to lack the motivation or time to do research on their own, or maybe they lack exposure to these opportunities. I want to change that. I want more people to be involved, more people to love this campus. 


MicahLeval_Photo.jpgMICAH LEVAL

Aloha! My name is Micah Leval and I am running for a Senate position for the College of Arts and Sciences. I am currently a freshmen majoring in Political Science. In addition to my passion for politics, I also enjoy music, specifically, playing the alto saxophone. In fact, I hope to start playing more frequently as a part of next semester’s concert band. I’ve had an interest in government since my freshman year in high school and since then, I have been active in my high school’s Student Government Association. During my senior year, I was humbled to serve as my school’s Student Body President and intern under US Senator Brian Schatz (D-HI). Being a part of ASUH this year would help me further pursue this passion, allowing me to learn and grow professionally all while taking an active role in promoting the wellbeing of our Student Body. 



College of Arts and Sciences – Political Science

Senator of the Colleges of Arts and Sciences


My hobbies are photography and music. I love being able to capture a moment in time, and preserving it forever. I also enjoy making music with my church band, even though we are still green.

The reason I am running for office is because I want to serve as my peers’ voice in the university’s political sphere. I do not wish to simply stand by and watch issues in the school transpire without the input of the student body. Therefore, while I am in office, I want to find a way where students feel more comfortable bringing up certain issues to be talked about and heard. I will accomplish this by drawing on my previous experience as Vice President of Communication in my high school Mock Trial team. 


DSC_3756.jpegTIM GRAEF 

My name is Timothy Graef and I am a junior in Political Science major running for the position of Senator in the College of Arts and Science. When I’m not studying at home in Manoa or working at Apple Kahala, I enjoy running trails, weightlifting, photography and videography, and reading and learning about politics and history. I’m also very into following music trends and technology. I am running for office in order to contribute positively and engage with the student body, as well as gain edifying experience to assist in future academic endeavors. My time in the military has given me unique management perspectives and interpersonal skills which will enable me to be a more effective representative.






College of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Senator of the College of Engineering


I enjoy playing volleyball & basketball, both competitively at the intramural level and for fun. I play guitar & Ukulele

I am running for office because I would love to get more involved and in touch with the University of Hawaii at Mānoa community. I would also be proud to represent the College of Engineering by being a Senator. I would like to accomplish tasks that are given to me at hand & problems that I can address. At my high school at Maryknoll School here Honolulu, HI, I participated in student government as the Class Treasurer for the Class of 2015, from junior to senior year.




College of Arts and Sciences &

Computer Science Senator at the College of Arts and Sciences

Freshmen Undergraduate

My hobbies and interests include reading, free writing, and drawing. I want to be able to hear the different perspectives of students and represent the student body in the ASUH senate in order to improve the quality of their experience at UH. I hope to improve situations regarding undergraduate tuition and the allocation of funds if elected. I do not have prior experience.



 College and Major: College of Arts and Sciences – Political Science

Position running for: Senator

Class standing: Junior

Hobbies and interests: Surfing, paint ball, and motorcycles.

Pro-active, experienced, effective.

I am a transfer student from Kapiʻolani Community College (KCC). For two years, I served as the Chair of the Associated Students of KCC-Student Congress (ASKCC-SC). Representing approximately 8,000 full/part-time students. I have also served as Vice-Chair and Executive at Large, Oahu, for the University of Hawaii Student Caucus (UHSC). UHSC is comprised of representation from every UH campus and works to address system-wide student issues. As Chair of ASKCC-SC, I worked to re-build an effective student government with the goal of amplifying and empowering the student voice of KCC; by collaborating with faculty, staff, and administration (at all levels) to address students’ needs and concerns. With your vote of confidence, I wish to use this wealth of experience and knowledge to continue working pro-actively and collaboratively to meet and address the needs of the Students of the College of Arts and Sciences at UH Mānoa.


nopicture.pngDORI SIMONE

 Name: Dori Simone

College & Major: College of Arts and Sciences, Political Science

Position running for: Senator of the College of Arts and Sciences

Class Standing: Junior

Hey all! My name is Dori Simone and I am a transfer student with junior standing from Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. I’ve lived in Salem for the past 10 years or so, but am from the island of Guam originally. I am currently a Political Science major, with strong interest in pacific islands affairs. I’ve previously served as class president in high school, and have served in various leadership positions associated with the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Willamette University. As Senator, I hope to engage and address student-related issues and concerns to the best of my ability. I would be privileged to work alongside fellow students in the aim of advocating student interests and empowering student voice.     



Aloha kākou. ʻO Nanea koʻu inoa. No Papakōlea mai au. I am currently a senior under Mālama ʻĀina at Hawaiʻinuiākea School of Hawaiian Knowledge. I am an advocate of positive change. I am dedicated if elected into ASUH to serve as a liaison between the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and administration of this University. I will advocate for a stronger Native Hawaiian presence on campus. I will keep students updated and involved on issues. I look forward in being able to serve the students of Hawaiʻinuiākea with pride! Please vote for me and mālama!