Campus-Wide Committees


Description of Committee

Academic Grievance Committee

The Academic Grievance Committee (AGC) reviews and hears academic grievances according to the Academic Grievance Procedures. The findings and decisions of the AGC are final within UHM and the AGC has the authority to direct the execution of remedies as specified in its decision. Delegate must also attend one mandatory workshop.

Academic Procedures Committee

The Academic Procedures Committee is an administrative committee that advises the Chancellor on academic policies and procedures related to academic standards and academic support services provided to students.

Athletic Advisory Board

The Athletic Advisory Board advises the Chancellor and athletic director on policies and matters relating to the conduct of intercollegiate athletics on campus, helps resolve conflicts that may arise in connection with the intercollegiate athletic program, and performs other functions as may be stipulated by the NCAA, by the conference to which the institution belongs, or by the chancellor

Athletic Director Search Advisory Committee


Awards Committee(For honorary Degrees)

The Awards Committee makes decisions on commencement speakers and for UHM honorary degrees.

Campus Facilities Planning Board

The Campus Facilities Planning Board is an advisory group that reviews and advises the Chancellor on new construction projects, consultant selection for major planning and design projects, space renovations and alterations, and capital improvement planning. The CFPB will also develop, recommend, and maintain policies and budget requests related to the development and utilization of campus facilities and grounds

Campus Fee Advisory Committee

The Campus Fee Advisory Committee reviews written proposals and presentations of requested fees and the committee develops an assessment to the Chancellor via the Chair, who then forwards proposals and committee recommendations to the Vice Chancellor noted on the Requestor's action memo.

Campus Safety Advisory Committee

The Campus Safety Advisory Committee advises the Chancellor on matters pertaining to safety and security, and enhances the contribution of the Department of Public Safety to the education, research, and leadership missions of UH Manoa.

CCB Membership Committee

The CCB Membership Committee is responsible for recommending and recruiting new members to the Camus Center Board

Comission on Diversity

The Comission on Diversity works to foster a community that embraces and values the various social and cultural differences among us. The various dimensions of diversity that the Commission is addressing include age, class, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, national origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation. The Commission has focused its efforts on three areas of diversity: curriculum change, recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff, and the campus climate

Commuter Services Advisory Committee

The Commuter Services Advisory Committee provides feedback regarding UHM's Transportation Demand Plan and provides feedback regarding parking fees in relation to: 1) Proposed rate increases, 2) Customer demand, 3) Supply of available parking stalls, 4) Department self-sustainability, 5) Alternative transportation options, 6) Other issues based on feedback from UHM community

Dean of the SPAS Search Advisory Committee


General Education Committee

The General Education Committee develops policies and procedures for implementing and monitoring General Education at UHM,and undertakes regular assessment of its educational effectiveness.

Manoa Assessment Committee

The Manoa Assessment Committee establishes academic policies to foster improvement-oriented educational assesment, identifies most appropriate practices for assesment, and promotes effective academic assesment practices.

Manoa Maniacs Committee

The Manoa Maniacs Committee plans, implements, and evaluates programming to enhance the student experience at athletic events as well as the students' athletic experience.

Manoa Sustainability Corps

The Manoa Sustainability Corps serves as an advisory arm to the Chancellor regarding sustainability on the UH Mānoa Campus.

Recruitment and Admission Strategic Planning Committee


Research Advisory Council

The Research advisory Council address issues relating to research such as: building human caital, improving shared use of instrumentation and facilities, excelling in research comliance, optimizing organized research units, promoting research development, and communicating research impacts.

SAPFB Screening Committee

The SAPFB Screening Committee is responsible for recruiting and interviewing new board members to the SAPFB.

Sophomore Experience Committee

The Sophomore Experience Committee helps sophomore students transition and better integrate into the campus community.

SPC: Business and Operational Processes


SPC: Engaged Learning Working Group

Focused on the undergraduate learning

SPC: Instructional Innovation

Student with expertise and/or interest in student learning spaces, pedagogy, and classroom design issues

SPC: Sustainability Working Group


Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee works with the Chancellor and administration to implement the Strategic Plan. Members will serve two years terms.

Student Athletic Fee Committee

The duty of the committee is to: represent the expressed interests of the fee-paying student body, take actions appropriate to fulfilling the purposes of SAFC, work cooperatively with UHM Athletic Department to promote the student experience on campus and at athletic events as well as students’ athletic experience, for the collective benefits of undergraduate and graduate students and maintain open communication with the campus community

Student Caucus

Usually fulfilled by the President and the Vice President. And serving as the alternate delegates are usually the chair and vice chair of External Affairs. Delegates attend meetings with other delegates and faculty from across the UH System.

Student Conduct Appellate Board

The Student Conduct Appellate Board hears cases about student discipline concerning topics like sexual assault, physical assault, stalking, academic dishonesty. They conduct hearings upon violation of Student Conduct Code.